Vendor Vibes: Kenna Capri – Wedding Videographer – From Soil to Soul
Kenna Capri - Sarah & Talon Wedding

Vendor Vibes: Kenna Capri – Wedding Videographer

Say hello to the incredible and talented, Kenna!


Tell us a little about yourself. “I’m Kenna and I love all forms of art! Drawing, art history, photography, film… you name it! I started filming and taking pictures for fun about 10 years ago when I would travel to new places. That’s when I realized how much I love being behind the camera and wanted to turn my hobby into a profession. I started shooting weddings and slowly found my unique style. I definitely have a filmy edit to my photos and videos because I like the nostalgic look it gives.”

Kenna Capri

What’s a memorable experience you’ve had while shooting up at Mt Naomi Vineyards? 

“The first time I shot at Mt Naomi Vineyards was for my cousin’s wedding. It was so special to have family there and to be a part of my cousin’s big day. It was a very inviting atmosphere to shoot in surrounded by family and I’m reminded of that every time I shoot there.”


How long have you been shooting, and what sets you apart from others in the wedding industry?

“I’ve been shooting (photography or filming) weddings for about 7 years now.”

“I’m all about story telling. What makes you and your love story different than every other couple? My job is to capture that and tell it through photos or a video. No love story is the same and I want to help tell your story.”


Do you offer various packages?

I offer pretty standard packages but I’m willing to customize depending on the couples needs.”

“As I mentioned before, I love telling stories. Your wedding day is filled with memorable moments you’ll never want to forget. I offer a package where you can also hire me to come shoot during your bridals or first look session or a planned session (usually an interview) that’s not your wedding day, so that I can capture your love story even better! The more footage I get the better! Almost everyone adds an extra session so I can get more dialogue.”


“I always mee the couple before the shoot. Either Skype/Facetime or in person to break the ice. I want you to feel comfortable and everything to feel more natural when I’m capturing you and your lover. This helps me get to know you better and know what approach to take when shooting. I almost always film some type of interview/conversation with the couple as well. I think dialogue really helps tell your story and allows viewers to get to really know you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent a finished video to a client and they message back saying they cried watchin their video, and I think a lot of that is because of the words they say from their interview.” 


What advice would you give couples planning their wedding?

“Some advice I would give couples planning a wedding would be not to stress out over every detail. Your wedding is going to be amazing no matter what! Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life but you’ll have so many other memorable days after you’re married! Just focus on the fact that the day you’ve been looking forward to is finally here and enjoy it the best you can!”


I’m sure you book out pretty quickly! How can couples book you?

“Most couples book me 4-5 months in advance. If your wedding is sooner than that, please reach out still because it’s very possible that I’ll have days still available.”


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